Gerni Powergrip 140.3

Wireless controls

Productnr: 128470774

The PowerGrip 140.3 offers great performance, durability and flexibility.

It is perfect for anyone who needs a good ergonomic pressure washer with high performance and values the versatility that comes with the PowerGrip control. 

For all types of medium to high frequency outdoor cleaning tasks around the house. Perfect for cleaning 4x4 vehicles, caravans and of course the patio.

Gerni. The ony Gerni.

The Gerni PowerGrip 140.3 is a home use pressure cleaner with high performance, a robust 2.4 kW motor and battery operated wireless controls.

With Gerni PowerGrip you can regulate pressure from the handle, making it easy to adjust pressure to the surface you are cleaning and switch between surfaces quickly and easily.

PowerGrip provides 7 levels of pressure, simply press the control, no need to turn off the machine. The bult-in telescopic handle makes transport and storage easy. On-board storage is provide for the Click & Clean accessories.

    • 1885 psi pressure
    • Battery operated Wireless PowerGrip control for easy adjustment of water pressure
    • Reliable aluminum pump
    • Automatic start/stop
    • Telescopic handle with sturdy and robust aluminum tubes
    • Trolley ensures high mobility
    • Storage of gun, nozzle and foam sprayer on board
    • Integrated storage for hose and electrical cable
    • Click&Clean nozzle system ensures quick and easy change of nozzles
    • Optional accessories are available

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