MC 4M-160/620
MC 4M-160/620


Mid range cold water high pressure cleaner with external Foam Sprayer detergent system

MC 4M-160/620

Productnr: 107146412

The Gerni MC 4M is designed for light, general cleaning tasks and is the ideal choice for tradesmen, small building companies, small garages and farms. This range is equipped with a professional 1450 rpm motor pump unit with ceramic coated for slightly heavier applications, developed for low to medium intensity use.

The Gerni MC 4M is the first of our exciting new range of professional Gerni machines.

An upgrade from the Poseidon 4-29, the new Gerni MC4M features increased power, a new design and a unique and fast foam sprayer system with a separate bottle for efficient cleaning.

Achieve faster, more effective and intelligent cleaning with the new Gerni MC4M. A portable single phase cold water pressure cleaner, designed for light to moderate commercial use. Replacing the Poseidon 4-29, the Gerni MC4M boasts increased power, a new design and a unique foam sprayer increasing nozzle pressure by up to 20%. It all adds up to superior cleaning results, saved time and lower costs.

Motor-pump power and easy and reduced maintenance costs
The powerful performance of the MC4M is ensured by a high-quality 1450 rpm motor-pump with a brass pump head, the MC4M also features an pressure activated unloader system and an updated design.

To reduce total cost of ownership, Gerni constantly improves the serviceability of new products. The MC4M offers an optimal level of accessibility to motor and pump. On board pump oil tank and fill/empty system make basic maintenance tasks such as oil
checking simple for the user. In addition, the easy to access concept reduces maintenance time and costs.

Foam makes the difference
Detergent is supplied more effectively through a new separate foam sprayer system. Cleaning dirt, mud, dust, mineral dirt and light pollution can, in most cases be carried out with cold water. When it comes to more challenging grease and fats, detergent must be added. Until now detergents have been supplied by a built-in injector but now Gerni has developed a unique foam sprayer system with a separate bottle and foam sprayer, reducing energy loss and guaranteeing an increase in nozzle pressure and cleaning power.

Robust and safe to handle – more intuitive and easy use
The design of the MC 4M has been made more robust, including larger 250 mm wheels to give good ground clearance over rough surfaces and a new spray gun holder. The new holder protects the spray gun from falling on the ground and being dragged behind the machine - essential to safe storage and transportation. Other features of the new design include:

• Aluminium lifting bar for easy transport
• Easy to open cabinet with direct access to the motor pump
• External oil level sight panel
• Turntable cable hook for easy removal and wind up of the power cable

The Gerni MC4M is the ideal choice for small building companies, light agriculture such as small crop and milk farms, automotive garages and car rental companies.

Gerni. The only Gerni.

    • Powered by a 1450 rpm high-quality motor pump
    • Brass pump head and three ceramic coated pistons
    • Pressure activated unloader system
    • Pump oil tank with oil level sight and fill/empty function
    • Easy opening and removing of cabinet for access to the pump
    • Innovative holder protects Spray Gun from damage during storage and transport
    • Turnable cable hook for easier removal and wind-up of power cable
    • Robust design with larger 250 mm wheels optimises transport over rough surfaces and steps
    • Aluminum lifting bar
    • One year commercial warranty

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