CLASSIC 110.4 - 6270552
CLASSIC 110.4   - 6270552

Gerni Classic 110.4

Exclusive to Bunnings 1600psi

Productnr: 128470443

The Gerni Classic 110.4 pressure cleaner is a handy size and the built-in trolley makes it easy to transport. This machine has a number of functions that cover basic cleaning needs and is used for tasks around the house such as cleaning your cars, footpaths and garden furniture.

Exclusive to Bunnings, the Classic 110.4 is perfect for pressure cleaning tasks around the home, from footpaths, driveways and vehicles, to boats, retaining walls and garden furniture.

    • CLICK & CLEAN (C&C) nozzle system ensures quick and easy change of nozzles.
    • Reliable aluminium pump.
    • Trolley for high mobility.
    • Automatic start/stop.
    •  Easy to handle, operate and transport.
    • Two year warranty

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