CLASSIC 100.3 AUS-6270644
CLASSIC 100.3 AUS-6270644

Gerni Classic 100.3

Compact high pressure cleaner 1450psi

Productnr: 128470441

Includes Foam sprayer, Turbo and Tornado Click and Clean Nozzles, storage onboard for accessories and comes with a 2 year warranty.


Accessories are available for sandblasting, car and boat cleaning, drain and tube cleaning and even a water suction kit for emptying the swimming pool, ponds and fish tanks.


Gerni detergents are also available for use with the foam sprayer. Select from our range of specifically designed detergents for high pressure cleaning of houses, vehicles and windows, as well as degreasing.


Gerni. The only Gerni.

The lightweight design of the Gerni Classic 100.3 High Pressure Cleaner makes cleaning around the home a breeze. Patios, garden furniture, cars, windows and even bicycles will look amazing after cleaning with our Gerni Classic 100.3. Suitable for all types of low frequency cleaning around your home and garden.


Compact, light, and easy to assemble, simply click in the 5m hose and get started ! With a tough metal pump, 1450psi and a 1.3kW motor, the Gerni Classic 100.3 is built for Australian conditions.


Water restrictions? Not a problem. Your Gerni can connect to a bucket or a tank.

    • CLICK & CLEAN (C&C) nozzle easy change system 
    • Tough aluminium pump designed for Australian conditions
    • Automatic start/stop
    • Compact for easy storage
    • Light to carry
    • Easy to handle and operate
    • Foam sprayer allows for use of detergents without voiding the warranty.

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