New Naming Strategy for Trade Use Gerni High Pressure Cleaners

8/07/2016 12:00 PM

Gerni introduces a new naming strategy for Gerni professional high pressure cleaners.


Gerni announces a new naming strategy that will make it easier for professional and trade customers to understand exactly what type of high pressure cleaner they are purchasing.


First things first


Explaining the machine type is essential for any naming strategy. The first thing you need to know when purchasing a professional high pressure cleaner is whether the unit is to be mobile or stationary. Then the next thing to decide is hot water or cold water.


Gerni has made this easy by allocating the first two letters of the new model names to indicate these, so you will see the following:


MC = Mobile + Cold Water

MH = Mobile + Hot Water

SC = Stationary + Cold Water

SH = Stationary + Hot Water


For our stationary range, we may also add a further descriptor (eg. TRUCK).


Give me the power


Gerni wants customers to be able to quickly understand the class of pressure cleaner power they are purchasing.  All models now have the next two characters allocated to indicate the class and pump power of the high pressure cleaner.


The first number is the power categorisation and indicates the type of pump.


The second letter indicates the type of motor - whether compact, mid range or premium.



Water Flow and Pump Pressure


The next part of each model name indicates pump pressure in bar units and then the water flow in Litres per hour Qmax.


150/660 = pump pressure of 150 bar + water flow of 660 Litres per hour


All the rest


The final characters indicate the standard equipment included with the unit and any other useful information about the unit. These will only appear when needed.


X          = Hose Reel

T          = Additional Lance (or a 4 in 1 Lance)

XT        = Hosed Reel and additional lance (or a 4 in 1 Lance)

2X        = Hose reel and cable reel


PA       = Pressure activated

FA       = Flow activated

FFA     = Food and flow activated

FBFA   = Food with water break tank


F          = Food (designed to be food grade quality)

PS       = Can be either portable or stationary

PE       = Petrol

DE       = Diesel

ST       = Stainless Steel

E         = Electrically heated

D         = Diesel heated

G         = Gas heated



Bringing it all together


New Gerni high pressure cleaner names now look like this:


MC 4M 160/620 = Mobile  cold Water + 160 bar pump pressure + 620 L/hour water flow


Gerni is confident the new product naming system will make it easier for our customers to quickly and easily identify the right high pressure cleaner for their needs.


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