Standard Accessories - All Models


Foam Sprayer

A foam sprayer is incluced with every Gerni. Designed to conveniently hang on the back of your Gerni when not in use, the foam sprayer can be used when you need to enhance your cleaning results. Use with any cleaning detergent or chemical.

Nozzle Cleaning Tool

A small nozzle cleaning wire is included with all Classic Gerni models. The cleaning tool for Super models is a small wire/plastic item that can be stored near the top of your Gerni when not in use. Consult your manual for instructions.

Tornado Nozzle

With a 15 degree fan shaped spray, the Tornado nozzle is designed for general cleaning. For the Super models, and the larger Classic models, the Torndao Nozzle is adjustable. It can be turned from high (+) to low (-) to adjust the pressure of the spray. Adjust it to low for gentle cleaning. Adjusting the nozzle pressure does not affect the waterflow or pump pressure.

Turbo Nozzle (may not be included with some models)

For heavy duty cleaning, this nozzle rattles when shaken, and uses an internal nozzle to produce a cone-shaped spray. When you need to cut through grease and ground-in dirt on hard surfaces, the Turbo Nozzle will do the job. Use on concrete floors, driveways and tiles. Not recommended for cleaning painted surfaces.