Accessories Car


The below accessories have been designed to improve your car cleaning experience using your Gerni pressure cleaner.
It is important to protect the paint surface of your car and the Gerni car accessories ensure a gentle clean providing maximum results. 


Click&Clean Auto Nozzle
High pressure nozzle optimised for cleaning vehicles. The 60 degrees spray angle ensures quick and gentle cleaning, protecting the paint surface.
Click&Clean Foam Sprayer
HigAllows for use of cleaning chemicals. No chemcials pass through the pump. ​
​Click&Clean Auto Brush
Soft split bristles ensure gentle cleaning,  swivel in connection ensures easy cleaning. Fitted squeegee provides perfect results for cleaning automotive and household glass. Works well with detergents.
Click&Clean Underchassis Nozzle
Low pressure nozzle with a fixed bend of 90 degrees and a 65 degrees spray angle.

​ ​