Terms and Conditions


March 2016 Gerni Trade In Deal


We will offer up to $1000 trade in off the price of a new Gerni High Pressure Cleaner. Any brand pressure cleaner will be accepted as a trade in, and the trade in product can be in any condition – it does not need to be working. The high pressure cleaner that is being traded in MUST be a professional machine, not a consumer machine.


The offer is available from 1st March 2016 until 31st March 2016 and is available with the purchase of Gerni pressure cleaners only. Customer name and contact details will be collected with each sale and used only for confirming receipt of the trade in offer, not for any other purpose whatsoever.


Gerni Products able to be purchased through this trade in deal are:


Cold Water High Pressure Cleaners

Poseidon 2-22


Poseidon 5-30

Poseidon 5-56

Poseidon 6-64

Poseidon 7-67


Hot Water High Pressure Cleaners

Neptune 2-16

Neptune 2-26

Neptune 4-28FA

Neptune 4-50FAX

Neptune 5-61FAX

Neptune 7-63FA


Petrol High Pressure Cleaners

Poseidon 2-32PE

Poseidon 3-39PE

Poseidon 5-50PE

Poseidon 5-64PE

Poseidon 5-75PE