50 years with Gerni


In 2o12 Gerni celebrated its 50th anniversary. It is with great pride that we look back on 50 years of progress as one of the founder manufacturer of professional cleaning equipment. The most important factor for the success of Gerni has been our constant focus on what we do best, which is to supply customers with high quality pressure cleaners and to back them up with an after sales service that is second to none.
Over the years Gerni machines have come in many shapes and forms.
Our commitment to quality has been there since the beginning in 1962. As concern for the environment has gornw over the years, so has our environmental focus. Today there is a strong commitment on making Gerni products as energy efficient as possible and of course the production process ot become more efficient, using less energy and water.
Today we look ahead with great anticipation as our many products continually undergo technical and design changes, which continues to strengthen our product range.
Recent years has seen an introduction of  a wide range of domestic pressure cleaners. We continue to draw on our experiences over the years and keep focus on continual improvement and innovation.